Accounting Services

Income Tax Planning / Preparation for Individuals

We are a full service tax return preparer including the completion of Federal, State and Local Tax returns. We provide tax related financial advice, income tax planning, and keep you updated of any of the latest tax law developments dependent upon your specific tax situations each year. If you need tax preparation that can minimize your tax liability while keeping you compliant, we can help.

Income Tax Planning / Preparation for Businesses

Our fully integrated tax planning solutions will minimize your tax liability year after year. We prepare all your business’ Federal, State and Local Tax returns considering both the impacts to your firm and your personal tax situations. We offer personalized tax preparation services for your business and your family.


We offer the services of an in-house bookkeeper at a fraction of the cost ­ no benefits cost or payroll taxes incurred by your business. Our bookkeeping staff will become familiar with your accounting system quickly, giving you the same services you would expect from an in-house bookkeeper on a daily, weekly or monthly basis dependent upon your firm’s needs. Whelan & Associates, CPA is also adept to developing and implementing the necessary accounting system to enable today’s busy entrepreneurs to concentrate on growing their business.

Compilation / Financial Statement Preparation

Financial statements are a company’s self-portrait; as experts in reviewed and compiled financial statements, we can prepare the document that shows your company most clearly and powerfully. Whether your financial records are automated using Quickbooks or some other off the shelf accounting system or manually recorded, we can quickly and efficiently create useful and accurate Financial Statements.

Personal Financial Statements (PFS)

Our firm can help you create a PFS for any need. Whether you are considering a new business venture, applying for a loan or any other life event necessitating a PFS, we can help you develop the necessary report.

Personal Financial Planning

Whether your needs involve Retirement Planning, Educational Savings for a Loved One or some other Financial Planning matter, we can successfully guide you through all the Financial Labyrinths of Life.

Payroll Tax Matters

We perform all tax filings for small companies at the Federal, State and Local levels, including 940s, 941s, W-2s, 1099s and all other payroll tax matters. We also offer complete payroll processing for your firm.

Other Services Offered include:

  • Financing / Borrowing Analysis
  • Projections & Forecasts
  • Budgeting & Cash Flow Analysis